AI-powered personnel vetting for the new world.

A smart vetting platform for personnel risk management, deeper insights into candidates and efficient onboarding

The problem

Employment vetting suffers from a lack of depth, quality and efficiency. This problem affects all industries globally, from companies, to governments and SMEs.

For employers

For employers, current processes are labour-intensive, repetitive and lack in-depth assessments which are critical to deliver sound suitability recommendations. These processes are predominantly manual, paper-based and devoid of technological advancements, providing a point-in-time assessment which fails to deliver a continuous review of the candidate.

For candidates

For candidates, digital identity theft is an ever-growing problem. The industry standard for sending sensitive documents (passports, drivers licenses, etc.) is email, with very little oversight on secure storage and protection. Data ownership is essentially lost the moment the material has been sent.

The solution

An intelligent and secure platform that automates the vetting and onboarding of candidates.

The vault

A blockchain-encrypted facility utilising military-grade protection to store candidates’ sensitive personal information. Controls remain with the candidate to determine access permissions to their data. A secure and transparent method of managing personal information; passports, birth certificates, financials and beyond..

The brain

An AI-based program drawing on 40 years of human expertise in assessing candidates’ suitability. Utilising proprietary technology to establish a whole-of-person assessment, from entry-level candidates to senior executive positions. Our efficiency, accuracy and ongoing vigilance is unmatched.

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The secure solution for


Conduct in-depth, timely and sound assessments based on AI co-developed by subject matter experts, supporting your organisation to minimise risk and threats through automation and ongoing assessments.


Automate labour-intensive manual tasks through a seamless suitability assessment process, freeing up internal resources to focus on more value adding activities. Deliver your product to clients with confidence, securing a reputation for consistent quality staff.


Undertake deeper levels of suitability assessments for positions within your organisation, mitigating the threat from new onboards and trusted insiders. Promote a culture of a robust, ongoing and dependable personnel security process within your organisation, protecting all organisation assets. Eliminate potential data breaches to staff personal security information by securely storing their personal sensitive documents within Securion’s Vault. Modernise onboarding process through automation and machine learning, releasing valuable resources.


Your personal data is provided the highest level of protection from compromise or misuse and remains in your complete control at all times. Mitigates the current process of continuously providing identical paper based documentation for verification. The Securion Vault will deliver security, control and ease of access in establishing your identity and credentials, from a single and highly secure platform

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Our team


Dario Giljevic

With 20 years’ experience working in Government including private sector encompassing the most sensitive of clients Dario is considered a subject matter expert in the world of personnel security. Experiencing firsthand years of reiterations across multiple organisations in the personnel security space he is acutely aware of challenges facing todays identity, background and suitability assessments.

Kerry Parker

Kerry has over 27 years’ experience in personnel security vetting having worked in the industry in Washington, DC and Australia. She operates the longest functioning privately owned vetting agency in Canberra. Kerry has a reputation for providing sound, timely and considered advice on all matters of personnel security. She is highly sought after for her extensive knowledge and understanding of personnel security vetting processes and their application in the assessment of candidate suitability in the government and private sector.

Irena Giljevic

Irena comes from a scientific background and entered the world of personnel security 10 years ago developing superior skills in governance and quality assurance. She is passionate about exceeding client’s expectations in the personnel security environment, striving for excellence in all aspects of her professional career. Irena is an astute business woman gaining respect and appreciation from clients and industry professionals.



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